Here at Jam Pan, we collaborate with incredible freelancer talent across the entire globe. But our relationships with these brilliant, bright people are not purely transactional; they’re the lifeblood of our business and we believe in supporting and investing in them.

If you’re interested in getting started as a gig worker with us, here’s everything you need think about.

Get seen by big brands

One of the biggest benefits for freelancers in joining Jam Pan is the opportunity to work with some major, global brands.

We work with a vast array of well-known clients including banks, pharma, creative industries and more. The beauty of Jam Pan is getting the opportunity to work with these household brands (which can’t be bad for the portfolio) in a way you just couldn’t if you were going at it alone.

Find new clients easily

Simply sign up to our platform and let us do all the heavy lifting for you – we’ll help you improve your profile and connect you with businesses who need your skills.

You can then just focus on what you do best.

So how does Jam Pan work?

Whether you are new to freelancing or have been doing it for a number of years, here at Jam Pan we take a bespoke approach to our freelance suppliers to ensure that they are supported from the very beginning. To assist this, we’ve got our incredible Talent Manager, John Hinchliffe.

He’s an internationally recognised, award-winning learning professional with over 10 years in the Learning & Development industry. Having worked in-house and been a freelancer himself, John uses his extensive experience to support our freelancers through best practice sharing and helping to ensure every single freelancer who’s a part of Jam Pan is developed and mentored, ensuring they provide the best possible service to our clients. He’s here when you need him.

How to get started

It’s super easy to sign up via our platform. But just to make life easier we suggest you have the following ready before you start creating your profile. It’ll save you a bit of time and faff if you get everything together before.

  • A short bio outlining your expertise, experience and skills and what services you can provide to clients
  • Clear definition of the services you offer and your day rate. Without these present, you will not be visible to clients on the platform, so this is a biggie!
  • Any examples or evidence you can provide of your previous work and display your skills. This is a critical opportunity to showcase your talents and show clients and us the quality of your work.
  • And that’s it – the essentials to getting started!

Common questions

How do I get gigs with Jam Pan?

It’s really easy to start getting set up with work through us. All you need to do is set yourself up a profile to start enabling your profile to be seen by our awesome clients. We’ll then be in touch to discuss your profile and any upcoming projects. It’s just that simple.

What’s the fee for using Jam Pan?

The Jam Pan fee is 18% of the cost you agree with the client. But this is only for actual projects work. There is no fee for creating an account and setting up your profile.

You agree the costs with the client and outline them in the Statement of Work and then we invoice the client as per the invoicing milestones in the Statement of Work for the project. We pay you minus the Jam Pan fee.

So if your day rate is £200 + VAT (if applicable), you’ll get paid £164 + VAT (if applicable) by us.

What’s the contractor/employment status of suppliers on Jam Pan?

Freelancers and agencies contract directly with us. Businesses contract with Jam Pan to be a supplier to them. As a freelancer, that means that we’re your client and responsible for paying you etc. By using the Jam Pan platform you accept the terms of our contract. Do give us a shout with any questions at

Setting up a statement of work

Once you’re connected with a client, it’s up to you and them to agree a statement of work in terms of the services and/or deliverables you’ll provide to them. Of course, if you’re new to this game and aren’t sure what to do, we have plenty of support on hand.

Remember: You’re not doing this alone!

Invoicing and getting paid

We try to make this as simple as possible. As per the payment terms agreed in your Statement of Work, you shall invoice Jam Pan for the work you have undertaken. We then invoice the client directly.

They then pay us, and we pay you, minus the Jam Pan fee detailed above. It’s that simple.