Let us find the perfect supplier for you.

With Jam Pan, you can post a job for free and instantly see and choose from freelancers and agencies who match your needs. We want it to be easy to have a simple, self-service experience.
Sometimes though, you may want a little more support for those bigger ticket projects, or where you need an impartial approach.
And with our Jam Pan Pro Services, you can get that too.

Here’s how it works:

Jam Pan Talent Expert Support

Clients: Need more support before you select? Our talent experts will

  • Provide feedback on your job posting to maximise its reach to the right suppliers
  • Screen and shortlist potential suppliers based on our extensive database and experience

Recommend the best matches for you, with email support throughout the process
Just click “contact a talent expert” in any job posting, or get in touch for support on your next job posting.

Talent Expert Support starts at just £100 per job posting (for jobs with a contract value up to £5000). For larger projects, see our RFP and Bid Management support services below.

Jam Pan RFP and Bid Management Support

For projects over £5,000 in value, Jam Pan offers our RFP and Bid Support model.

When you need to take your bigger ticket needs out to the market, we can help you. It’s a complex and fragmented digital learning market. Jam Pan’s team have 30+ years of experience both on the client and vendor side. We’ll help define your needs and match you with partners who will provide quality and value through a completely independent RFP/bid process.

We keep up to date on the new entrants and can help you navigate the market to get the right solution. We’re completely vendor independent – no vested interest except in matching you with the best option for your needs.
If your needs are clear and you don’t need to go through a full tender process, we can provide fast track support. If you need more, we can provide full RFP and bid management support:

Benefits to you:

  • Wider access to global digital learning talent, and great digital agencies for a fresh approach
  • Expert insight on digital learning market- combined 30+ years on client and supplier side
  • Supplier independent – impartial advice, procurement compliant
  • Less procurement effort and cost – we source, manage and contract your suppliers so putting Jam Pan on your supplier list opens up the whole market to you.
  • Fast track, or run full RFP process – you’re in control
  • Start projects faster –no procurement delays, no red tape


For Fast Track support without a full RFP process, there’s no fee to you.

We take our fee from the awarded supplier.

For full RFP and bid management: As we take a fee from awarded suppliers, we only look to cover our costs when providing you with additional RFP support.

So you won’t see any hefty consulting bills, and we’ll always quote a fixed price.
Get in touch for a no fee consultation, we’d love to help you out.“Jam Pan is a pragmatic partner that helps me get things done quickly at low cost. It saves me time and cost of getting multiple suppliers on our system and the overhead involved, and acts as an impartial expert on the suppliers and trends in the market.”
Mike Booth, Dixons Carphone

Get In Touch to tell us about your requirements. We’ll find the best partner for you.