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The Talent Economy provides new opportunities to add digital learning talent on demand to your team, and often a freelancer can handle the tactical tasks to get things done for you.

But sometimes you’ll need a full team to take on bigger and more complex digital learning projects. Partnering with Digital Learning Suppliers and Agencies will give you a dedicated team, end to end production and scale to deliver on your key projects.

But…it takes time to find them, assess and choose the right ones. And you may be looking at just a small slice of whose available. You need to look beyond the traditional elearning agencies to new entrants, digital marketing and communication specialists to bring a fresh approach.

Limited by time and procurement when it comes to finding and adding new suppliers to you approved list? We remove that hassle.

We are constantly working to bring you the newest talent to match emerging trends in digital learning and communications. We can help you in two ways: Jam Pan Match and Jam Pan Pro.

Jam Pan Match: Post for Free, Get Great Matches

  • You can post a job and matches of agencies right for you needs – do it all for free, we take our fee from the agency

Jam Pan Pro: We’ll find the best agency for you:

  • We prescreen, shortlist and help you select from our wide network of suppliers
  • We look beyond traditional elearning companies to include digital agencies doing great work who may not be on your radar
  • We contract with suppliers for you – less procurement cost and delays. Add Jam Pan to your procurement list and get a window onto the wider digital learning market
  • We’re there to support you through the process – acting as sounding board and escalation point if you need it

Get support from award-winning digital agencies on:

  • Elearning design and development – needs analysis, storyboarding and scripting, graphics and media, build, test and deliver in any authoring tool
  • Blended learning design and development
  • LMS development and configuration
  • Graphic design
  • Technical support: front and back end developers for CSS, React Native, Javascript and more
  • Video production, animations and media development
  • Performance consultancy
  • Webinar and Face to Face Facilitation
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Interactive Video
  • Digital Communication Agencies
  • Web Development
  • App developers
  • Games Agencies
  • Content Curation
  • Evaluation and measurement

Jam Pan’s global network of digital learning agencies mean we can work with you and your team, wherever you are, and get great results together.

Here are some recently posted Hire an Agency jobs.

LMS and content for Financial Services Client

Job Details:

Our client is a financial services firm looking to replace their current LMS and include off the shelf content on a range of topics. They’re inviting proposals based on an RFP which will be shared with selected agencies.




up to £40,000 year 1

Multiple Elearning Scenarios for Membership Association

Job Details:

Our client is looking to develop interactive, video-driven scenarios to engage their members and train best practices in sales and negotiation. An RFP will be shared with selected agencies.


Hire an Agency



Interactive Video-driven onboarding programme

Job Details:

Our client wishes to develop a multi-module, multi-modal onboarding programme for a global audience in the hospitality sector. A video-driven blended approach is required. Contact us for RFP details


Hire an Agency


Not to exceed £100k

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