1. Get in touch.

With an extensive talent database of over 1000 suppliers, we've got you covered. To get started just get in touch and we'll arrange to discuss your requirements - any details you can share about the project when you e-mail will help us link you up with the best Jam Pan team member to help support you.

2. Dig deeper into individuals and portfolios .

Once we've established your requirements we'll give you access to our talent portfolios so you can understand where their expertise truly lies, enabling you to create a tailored shortlist specific to your needs.

3. Discuss your project .

We’ll link you up directly so you can communicate and ask questions, address queries and concerns and ensure you can choose the right solution with confidence. Often the expertise of our freelancers will help shape the project.

4. Statements of Work .

Of course, we need to make sure that everyone is fully aware of the requirements of your project. We'll work with you to shape your project brief into a Statement of Work to be signed by all parties. At the same time we'll work with you or your procurement team to get you set-up as a client and us as a supplier to you if it's our first project together.

5. Invoicing .

At the end of each milestone you'll confirm all's on track to invoice and Jam Pan will invoice you and then once we receive payment we'll make the payment to your freelancer.

1. Sign up to Jam Pan for free.

Creating a profile on Jam Pan is free to any freelancer and gives you exposure to global businesses searching directly for your skills. Building your profile is straightforward and simple: just add your skills, day rate, portfolios and previous projects directly into the platform. You’ll just need to provide at least one portfolio project for each skill associated with your profile which helps clients with the selection process.

2. Find new gigs without lifting a finger.

We have an extensive portfolio of global clients searching for freelancers like you. With Jam Pan, they’re able to search for specific skills and match them to profiles. If you match the skills they need, your profile and portfolio will be shared with them. From there they can communicate directly with you. You can discuss the project brief in more detail, meaning you can gain clarity on whether it’s the right gig for you.

3. Simple and straightforward Statements of Work.

All the relevant information will be brought together in a Statement of Work that will be signed by both parties. Although you work directly with the client on the project, we’re here to support if you need it.

4. Pain-free payment and invoicing.

With Jam Pan, getting paid is pain-free. No drawn-out process of getting added to supplier lists, no more faffing with frameworks. It’s super easy: we invoice your client based on the costing and invoice schedule determined in your Statement of Work. We then pay you after deducting our fee. A fuss-free solution to finding your next gig.


What is the fee for using Jam Pan?

Jam Pan doesn’t cost you anything. We work with you to find the right talent and and agree costs and we invoice you for that amount. We will then deduct our Jam Pan fee from the supplier when we make payment to them.

We do offer our Jam Pan Enterprise service for clients who have larger-scale projects or strategies. Find out more about Jam Pan Enterprise.

How do payments work?

You can choose a fixed cost for a project or a day rate which is submitted monthly. You agree the costs with the supplier you choose for the project and these are outlined in a Statement of Work to which both parties agree. We will invoice you in line with the invoicing milestones laid out in the Statement of Work for the project. We then pay the supplier minus our fee. We only release funds when you approve the work, so you’re always in control.


What’s the contractor/employment status of talent on Jam Pan?

Freelancers and agencies contract directly with us.  You contract with Jam Pan to be a supplier to you. By using the site, both you and your chosen supplier(s) accept the terms of our contract. Contact us with any questions at hello@jam-pan.com

What is the fee for using Jam Pan?

The Jam Pan fee is 18%. But this is only for actual project work. There is no fee for creating an account and setting up your profile.

Costs are agreed with the client and outlined in a Statement of Work to which both parties agree. We invoice the client as per the invoicing milestones in the Statement of Work for the project. We pay you minus the Jam Pan fee.

So if your day rate is £200 + VAT (if applicable) , you’ll get paid £164 + VAT (if applicable) by us.

What can I do to maximise my chances of being selected?

Your profile and portfolio is how you’ll be matched with projects. So a complete and up to date profile is essential.

Here are some tips for a great profile:

  • Make sure you have day rate indicators for each of your skills (you won’t show in search results for that skill otherwise)
  • Add portfolio projects to your portfolio to showcase your skills and talent. Each of your skills should be demonstrated in your portfolio.
  • Keep your profile up to date: add new skills, update your portfolio, keep contact information accurate

Need help creating a great profile? Contact us at hello@jam-pan.com

What’s the contractor/employment status of suppliers on Jam Pan?

The Client contracts with us, we contract with you as a freelancer or agency. By using the site, you accept the terms of our contract.

Note: You are prohibited by these terms from direct client or supplier engagement or any circumvention of Jam Pan for 24 months from initial contracting via Jam Pan.

Contact us with any questions at hello@jam-pan.com

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