We had a great time at Learning Technologies in London a few weeks back – great to catch up with so many of you there. Among whom of course was Ennis Reid, Head of Learning and Development at Old Mutual Wealth.

Ennis presented his experience at Old Mutual Wealth, the challenges of supporting a large, fast moving, highly regulated business with a 4 person L&D team – and his solution: Tap into the Talent Economy.

Here are some excerpts from his talk (Yes, it was loud there. Turn it up. Plug it into an amp if you want, the neighbours will love you).

The Challenges in L&D: A Four Person Team To Support the Whole Business:

How Thinking Differently About Digital And Elearning and Tapping into The Talent Economy Has Helped:

Real Examples: An Elearning Course In 2 Days? 12 People Needed Onsite Tomorrow? Yes You Can!

Want to slow it down a little? (Not that we’re big fans of going slow…) No problem –  Full Presentation Slides here:

Thanks Ennis for being such a great example of how to do it right with the talent economy! Roll on the next challenge…and get in touch if you’d like to be able to tell a story like Ennis does.