If you want to hear the straight story about doing great work in elearning, look no further than John Hinchliffe.

John is Instructional Design Manager at Virtual College, who provide award-winning digital learning solutions for over 3 million learners across the UK.

John’s expertise and imagination as a designer was recently recognised with an award from the LPI. We caught up with him to learn more about his design approach, why the basics still matter, and separating hype from reality in digital and elearning. Buckle up for 15 minutes of freeflowing chat about digital learning…

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1.43 John’s route into elearning design: via a bank and Japan (no that’s not a typo)

4.00 Why tools are the oxygen for elearning craft, and where to spot great work

6.30 Beyond the buzzwords: VR and AR maybe, but get ready for the next recession: think curation and resources

9.15 Tapping into a network of mentors to develop your digital learning skills: Free stuff

11:30 Using freelancers to extend your core team – how Virtual College taps into the talent economy for digital learning to get more for less

13:00 Key challenges ahead: GDPR, making sense of new technologies

Show notes:

Virtual College
Action Mapping by Cathy Moore
Elearning Network
Your Skills Hub: Really helpful resources from John learning design
John on LinkedIn
John on Twitter

Virtual College tap into Jam Pan’s marketplace to find digital learning talent to their team.
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