We’ve recently had some exciting news that our very own David Wood (Founder and Director of Jam Pan) has been nominated for the Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2019. And to top it off, it was Barclays (our bank) who nominated him!

Now, David is not a huge fan of the spotlight and will likely be a little bit embarrassed about us shouting about this. However, here at Jam Pan we believe in taking a moment to appreciate and celebrate exciting news, little victories and successes of all shapes and sizes. And this nomination is a truly exciting moment because the Barclays Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year Award is for established entrepreneurs who’ve experienced rapid growth.

So, if you’re reading this David, congratulations again from the whole Jam Pan team on the nomination and apologies for getting a little sentimental… but we are delighted to see this recognition of the hard work and effort that you’ve put in to make that rapid growth happen!