Technology makes us more productive, right? Well, in some ways yes – remember the days of snail mail, before email came along? Well, probably half of you readers don’t, but some of us remember those days. Progress was definitely slower then.

Technology can make us more productive and able to work faster, particularly when used wisely, but it can also be a productivity killer. Message notifications, be they from your phone, your LinkedIn account, your email, your messenger account… checking those notifications takes you away from the task you were doing. Then there’s the quick trawl of the latest updates in your social media networks, a quick glance at a news channel… again, it all takes you away from the task you were doing. Even work-related interruptions can limit your ability to get a job done quickly and effectively.

And these aren’t the only productivity killers. As a freelancer, you are no doubt used to juggling several different projects and clients at the same time, but it can be a logistical nightmare, particularly in terms of keeping tabs on what’s happening where and what needs to happen next.