Becoming a Learning Content Curator Course

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Make curating learning content a breeze

The internet has truly transformed the way in which we consume and share knowledge. With an infinite amount of information available right at our fingertips, the possibilities for learning are endless.

Organisations are now increasingly looking to take advantage of this within their learning and development strategies. They need Learning Content Curators who can take this wealth of content available and curate it to ensure it’s factually correct, relevant and implemented in a fluid way to create an engaging learning experience.

But what if you are not a ‘Learning Content Curator’?! At Jam Pan, we believe all learning professionals have transferable skills which can be evolved to help find, filter, share and add value to the learning resources you curate.

Within this course, we’ll provide you with the solid foundation you need to start curating impactful learning programmes. And the best part is it’s completely free! What more could you ask for? Get started today!

“Wow! This course has been really insightful and Informative. The topics covered speaks to the ‘Modern L&D Roles’ within teams and the diverse set of skills required to be effective in supporting & delivering on business objectives. Well curated with purpose, informative and contextual for the audience – thank you for this opportunity and great course programme.”

Chad Thomas – Learning Technology Consultant

What to expect…

Step 1: Get sent course material

The course will be delivered through a series of emails, each covering a different topic.

Step 2: See curation in action

The course contains a mixture of both created AND curated content to give you a practical insight into how this concept works when used in a learning setting.

Step 3: Receive your certificate!

Once you’ve finished, we’ll provide you with your very own certificate to certify you’ve completed the course!


Becoming a Learning Content Curator: The Course Structure

We’ll cover five main topics to help you on the path to becoming an expert content curator, including…

  1. What is content curation?
  2. How to use content curation to meet an organisation’s needs
  3. How to evolve your skillset to become a content curator
  4. Further tools and resources to solidify your understanding
  5. How to use Degreed to create curated learning solutions

Have any questions about this course or what it takes to become a content curator? Looking for further advice on making the move into freelancing? Get in touch – we’d love to help.

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