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White Glove Service

Do you need Jam Pan to help you?

The White Glove Service we provide is Jam Pan getting more involved, in what you need. This includes us reviewing your brief, shortlisting the suppliers, handling NDAs and so much more. With this service, we will smooth out the entire process for you and deal with all the small issues.

If you are new to eLearning or outsourcing in general, this is the BEST thing for you to do. We will take you through all the steps and help you to understand what this industry is like. We will take all the pressure off of your shoulders.

Using this category we will show you the art of the possible, we will take your brief directly to non elearning companies as well, so working with games, app developers, interactive movie makers, virtual reality and animated story telling companies to name a few.

This job will NOT go directly onto the site as we will get in touch with you instead and discuss what you need from us as well as the service you’re looking to hire.

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