• Post your job – it's free

    Describe what you need, and we'll instantly connect you with perfect matches. Invite the best candidates and start receiving applications within minutes.

  • Hire with confidence

    Compare portfolios, work histories and client feedback in one convenient place. Interview your favorites and hire with a click of a button.

  • Work / Collaborate

    Work directly with the freelancer or agency, we will follow the project progression throughout. At this point, we move away to act as an impartial party to the overall project.

  • Pay Safely

    We help streamline your finances providing just the one point of payment, rather than multiple providers. Plus with the Jam Pan payment process, there is the assurance you only pay for work you approve.

How it Works

What kind of work can I get done?

Anything in relation to eLearning can be done on Jam Pan - from graphic design, learning portals, animations and games, to whole inductions.

Freelancers and Agencies can take on a range of projects:

  • Large scale to creation of individual assets
  • Short term to ongoing support
  • Individual or team based

How do I hire the right freelancer or agency?

Try to be as clear and concise as possible when you are posting a job.

In addition, you can set a task for them to complete prior to bidding. This is often linked to the skill you need the freelancer/agency to demonstrate.

Each applicant provides on applying:

  • Skills and experience
  • Portfolios
  • Client feedback

You don't have to pick a winner on the information only provided on the platform. Pick the strongest applicants and take them through the appropriate process.

How do payments work?

Pay at a day rate or set a fixed price. You can decide what is best for you. We only release funds when both parties sign off, ensuring you can only pay for work that you approve.

All payments go through our secure system, you can choose from the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Invoice

On all payments we deduct a 15% fee. Example, if you pay £200 they earn £170 and we receive £30.

How am I Protected?

We are here to provide a safe and trusted workplace including:

Payment Protection - Our Payment process ensures you only pay for work that you have approved.

Dispute Resolution - If any issues arise, we act as a point of escalation. We have process to help fix any situation.